The most iconic LGBT characters on the small screen

Cinema 24 June, 2017

Happy Pride! On the occasion of the March of the Pride 2017, small return on the characters LGBT who marked the small screen.
June 24 is the day to celebrate tolerance and love on the occasion of the March of Pride in Paris, which today celebrates the LGBT community – lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. And even if love and tolerance is good for the whole year, today we offer you a small list of some of the most emblematic LGBT characters on the small screen . Obviously it’s impossible to quote them all, do not hesitate to add your favorite LGBT characters in the comments!
Sophia Burset – Orange is the New Black
Interpreted by the talented Laverne Cox, Sophia Burset is a transgender character in Orange is the New Black that shows both confidence and vulnerability. Jenji Kohan made the right choice to cast a transgender actress to play his character and we can only thank him because it allowed us to discover the fantastic Laverne Cox . With her scathing replies and her big heart, Sophia quickly established herself among our favorite characters in the series.
Kurt Hummel – Glee
Difficult to talk about the iconic LGBT characters without mentioning the unforgettable Kurt Hummel even years after the end of Glee. Flamboyant, sensitive, creative and passionate, Kurt scored the small screens with his unique voice and ambition up to Rachel’s . We admit to you that the series and its scenarios completely burned do not miss us more than that, but as far as its characters is another story …
Willow Rosenberg – Buffy
After Xander and Oz, Willow finally found shoe to her foot with Tara and this for our greatest pleasure, although … here . And by being part of a cult series, one necessarily becomes one of the cult lesbians of the small screen . Well before many series, Buffy proposed a girlfriend to one of her heroines and we thank her for showing the way.
Titus Andromedon – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Hey, hilarious, fan of Beyonce … Words to describe Titus Andromedon are not lacking but yet you are assured that the best way to get an idea is to go see him in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt . With his gates to die of laughter and his super advice for Kimmy, hard to find a character more striking than him.
Callie Torres – Gray’s Anatomy
Bisexual assumed, Callie Torres may have left Gray’s Anatomy but she has not left our hearts so far (snif) . A worthy representative of the “B” in LGBT, Callie will remain in history not only for being part of one of the most cult medical series on the small screen – yes, with Emergencies – but also for this replica no less cult.
Lexa – The 100
Unfortunately, Lexa did not last long in The 100. But the huge bad buzz that Jason Rothenberg picked up after his death is enough to put it on our list . Yes, because Lexa’s death did not just make thousands of fans cry, including us. It was not only followed by the creation of a site to raise awareness about the representation of LGBT in the series ( ) but also a convention inspired by her couple formed with Clarke in the series. La Clexacon brought together dozens of celebrities to raise awareness about the performance on the small screen and elsewhere. That’s what we call legacy .
Jack Harkness – Torchwood
Pansexual assumed and hero of his own spin-off from the legendary Doctor Who series, Captain Jack Harkness has scored the small screen and hearts of fans forever. By making him a non-heterogeneous character, the screenwriters have made it a symbol for the LGBT community in the UK and, moreover, hard not to mention it.
Shane McCutcheon – The L Word
Looking very Shane today . Yes, when we talk about the LGBT characters who have scored the small screen, the heroine androgynous The L Word is a bit impossible to circumvent . So confident in her that she becomes irresistible for all her conquests, we confess that what we like most about Shane is her unlimited loyalty and her sense of friendship.
Here is a small non-exhaustive list of some of the LGBT characters who have scored the small screen. Even though many names still come to mind (Annalize Keating, Santana Lopez, Nomi Marks, Oberyn Martell and so on), we do not forget that the LGBT community is still largely underrepresented in the series and we hope Although things will end up changing! What do you think LGBT characters have marked you?