The movies you see and see in scred ‘, because it is not glorious

Cinema 16 March, 2017

Old, clichés, abused, slow, absurd: the qualifiers can vary infinitely. Still, you love these films, and you do not count the times you looked at them.
If we were known, it would be the kind of record that would weigh on us like a sword of Damocles. Enemies would try to make us sing by putting pressure on us: “Do as you like, but if you do that, I’ll talk … about your cinematic tastes …” So much to assume right away. Without any swinging either, only five small examples. Otherwise it’s hot, to say everything …
We needed at least one with our JCVD. We could have made a list only with his films from elsewhere (Kickboxer, Street Fighter, The Big Tournament, …). Going to Bloodsport, where the beautiful, kind and generous Frank will do everything to avenge his old friend (a few days) , the rocking wrestler Ray Jackson overwhelmed by this scraping of Li. Impossible and love story as a bonus. Warning, you realize all the same that there is not much happening in fact. A bit like in the Dragon Ball, more talk than a fight in the end. But hey, let’s have it anyway.
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“Oh damn, I said, loud, to everybody …”
Mortal Kombat
So already the pitch, it is a sorcerer sent to a tournament by an emperor of Overseas. Why ? To win it and thus take control of the Earth, spread there evil and desolation. Boom, tension. Inspired by the video games that we burned for hours and hours , we kiffé. Even if Raiden is played by Christophe Lambert, that Johnny Cage is not so impressive that the film does not break three legs to a duck.
Demolition Man
A small duel Wesley Snipes – Sylvester Stallone, it does not refuse. Muscle, mouth … and muscle. Yeah, we’re not going to invent things either! While the first incarnates a psychopath and the second a cop to the expeditious methods, it starts badly. For Sly / John Spartan, condemned to cryogenization after having killed the 30 hostages with his primitive techniques . And Snipes / Simon Phoenix, captured and cryogenized as well. Except that, many years later, the latter wakes up, stumbles and escapes. Then we wake up the brutal cop to chop him. Aaaaah, here, the fight and the explosions, it’s still the base.
Love actually
Served by a cast 3 stars (and still, we could say much more), this film of 2003 passes unfailingly on the television, several times a year. At Christmas, during the holidays (all or almost all), when the programmers have already redone their catalog … And you again and again these ten stories of love, some of which are related. The opportunity to see London, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley … A little guilty pleasure.
Ali G
Long before “Borat” and “Brüno”, the first film where one plunges into the delirium of Sasha Baron Cohen. Following his sketches on the show “Da Ali G Show”, the film was born. She lives with her grandmother in Staines (West End of London), with her dog 2Pac and her friends Ricky C, Dave and Jezzy F. When he rains with the rival band in the east quarter, In the Super 5 race . Bossing a little at the recreation center, he motivates himself to go on a hunger strike when he learns that the center will close. Finally, selective hunger strike! And by making crap, he becomes a Conservative MP, pulls out files on his Labor opponent … Has anyone ever dared to say in the evening that he loved these films without pressure?