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Entertainment 24 August, 2017


It’s via a tweet as simple as touching Faustine Bollaert has paid tribute to Jean-Luc Delarue, while the small screen cries the five years of her disappearance.

A moving message. On August 23, 2012, Jean-Luc Delarue succumbed to cancer of the stomach and peritoneum. One of the most important figures of the PAF died, leaving behind him or her emissions as emblematic as It is discussed, day after Day , or a Whole story. Five years after his death, some have decided to pay homage to the host-producer of France 2. This is the case for Faustine Bollaert, the new recruit of the public service at the start of the year.

It is on Twitter that the coordinator issued a message poignant and respectful. ” 5 years ago, disappeared a professional that I admire so much. Pride to work today with his teams,” said Faustine Bollaert on the social network about Jean-Luc Delarue and his company Reservoir Prod. Very motivated by his professional future, the former presenter of the Best Pastry chef has changed chain and has recently explained the reasons for this departure. ” M6 could not offer me what I wanted for a long time. A form of frustration had set in over the years,” she confessed, adding that she had “little pinch in the heart” when she announced the news to his team.

The wife of the writer Maxim Chatham should now take the reins of the show That begins today, a time slot occupied by Jean-Luc Delarue to the beginnings of his show a Whole story in 2006. Faustine Bollaert will replace Sophie Davant, who presented the show since 2010.

5 years ago, disappeared a professional that I admire so much. Pride to work today with his teams.

— Faustine BOLLAERT (@FaustineFB) August 23, 2017


Faustine Bollaert, Jean-Luc Delarue

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