The Mummy: 3 good reasons to see the movie!

Cinema 14 June, 2017

Get ready, The Mummy is back today in theaters with Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella! And here are 3 good reasons to go see the film.
Not far from ten years after the trilogy with Brendan Fraser, La Momie resumes today in cinemas. Except that this time, The Mummy, is Sofia Boutella and the hero, Tom Cruise. He plays Nick Morton, an American soldier who plundered antiques in his spare time. On one of his missions, he will come across a very ancient tomb: that of a princess of ancient Egypt, Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella). But Nick and his sidekicks, Jenny (Annabelle Wallis) and Chris (Jake Johnson), soon discover that there was a very good reason why this grave was so well hidden and they will very soon regret having released it. Does it make you want to go see this film directed by Alex Kurtzman? Here are 3 other good reasons that might end up convincing you !
The beginnings of the Dark Universe
In case you did not know yet, Universal decided to launch its Dark Universe . Somewhat the same genre as Marvel and DC Comics with their Avengers and Justice League, but in version mythical monsters of the cinema . It starts with The Mummy , but there will also be a film about the Invisible Man, with Johnny Depp in the title role, Frankenstein, Dracula, The Phantom of the Opera, or The Strange Creature of the Black Lake. And the common point is none other than Dr. Jekyll (& Mr Hyde)! A bit like Nick Fury in the Marvels, he will be the link between all these monsters and he has already started putting all that in place in The Mummy , in the guise of Russell Crowe !
A film that is both terrifying and touching
We are not going to lie, The Mummy is above all a horrific adventure film . And this is the case when La Mumie wakes up. Disgusting, she clearly flips and anyone running away in front of her. His zombie henchmen too. But then, as it gradually resumes its human form – always gray, but less repugnant – we discovered another facet: that of an old princess who was wounded . One would almost feel pity! Well, almost, because it is still threatening, ready to do anything to get revenge.
Sofia Boutella, the real star of the film
From dancer to super Hollywood star, there is only one step. From Kingsman: Secrets Services , then Star Trek: Beyond , the French actress begins to build a good reputation in the small medium of the cinema. And his role in The Mummy might well open all the doors to him. At once terrifying and touching , she completely steals the show at Tom Cruise. In her way of moving, speaking or even in her eyes, Sofia Boutella is more than convincing as an Egyptian princess returned from the dead. So these three reasons convinced you?