The mythical dress of Marilyn Monroe sold for 4.5 million euros

Entertainment 18 November, 2016

The dress in which Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday Mr. President to John F. Kennedy in 1962 was auctioned 4.8 million (EUR 4.5 million). A piece of cloth to the cult passionate affair, and the little piece of history, / he represents …

marilynA legend dress. The dress that Marilyn Monroe wore 19 May 1962 to sing Happy Birthday Mr. President John F. Kennedy was sold Thursday, November 17, for the modest sum of 4.5 million euros. With its 2,500 crystals hand-stitched, silk dress nude is actually a meticulous masterpiece. It had been estimated at 1.9 million by the house Julien’s Auction … but its symbolic and historical values have upped the ante.
Everyone has already seen at least once, the legendary actress jiggle and whisper in his famous micro Happy Birthday Mr. President , a very sensual voice and broken sighs. At the time, his performance had fueled rumors of an affair between her and the charismatic president of the United States . The scene remained engraved in the memories. Especially since the actress died just three months later from an overdose of barbiturates, finally draping his meteoric existence of mystery . JFK, he was assassinated the following year.
Legend says that the sequined dress was so tight-fitting that she had to be sewn on the body of Marilyn , who also wore any underwear underneath. The legendary outfit was eventually purchased by Ripley ‘s Believe It or Not , a media empire that also owns a chain of museums including one in Hollywood. So the dress will probably join other relics of the history of American cinema.