The new adventures of Sabrina : the Temple of the Satanic has filed a complaint for theft and demand $ 50 million to the witch

Cinema 9 November, 2018






The new adventures of Sabrina have just arrived on Netflix, and for those who knew the series of years 90, the shock is going to be damn tough. There we are in the dark, the dark, bloody and evil. To the point of disturbing Satan ?

The news came last week, and, on the move, she has made it fun. After all, it is not every day that a cult satanist wishes to attack an american tv series in justice to vol And yet it is precisely this that was going on since the Temple Satanic, based in Salem, Massachusetts, who wanted to bring a lawsuit against Netflix and Warner for misuse of their statue of Baphomet, replicated identically in the series, without his permission of course.


Baphomet has not asked to be a guest in the series apparently


In question, the fear ofa conflation of a series of fiction and a true cult in the mind of the young public and above all, a clear infringement of copyright since the statue in question has been specially created for the Temple by artist Mark Porter. Today, the confondateur of the order, Lucien Greaves tells us via Twitter that the trial was actually commenced, by aligning the new arguments :

“Yes, we pursue a legal action relating to the misuse by the series Sabrina of our monument under copyright. I’m quite surprised that people are surprised by the fact that we were entering into a lawsuit against the series Sabrina, who uses our monument. Would they be as understanding if a series was using a real mosque as a hideout for terrorists ? Or an accusation of ritual murder with real Jews ?”


A series that sticks occult


Remember that the accusation of ritual murder against the Jews is a claim anti-semitic to suggest that, in their rituals, they assassineraient non-jewish children. The logical result of this case, it is, of course, the trial and the site Deadline, we learn that the Temple Satanic request not less than $ 50 million to Netflix and Warner, as explained by attorney Bruce Lederman :

“What makes this case a case of school, it is that the copyright law does not protect an idea but only the expression of that idea. What is striking in this, it is that we are dealing with a media group that appropriates blatantly the unique expression of an idea of the plaintifs although they have a parallel historic and very long-for the protection of their own intellectual properties.”


Sabrina, on the point of unleash the dark forces


Actually, the swatch is quite tasty, but to Lucien Greaves, she is serious :

“The use proéminante of this symbol in the context of a school associated with Evil, cannibalism and murder to tarnish the Baphomet of the Temple, Satanic and are made to believe to the children that it is a hallmark of the Temple.”

And it is true that amalgam can be quite severe even if Satan dwells in it.


At least now, we all know who is Baphomet

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