The New Business Venture Of Jacob Gottlieb In The Healthcare Sector

Health 23 January, 2019

Altium Capital Management is an investment firm which is healthcare-oriented that is focusing on investment opportunity that relate to growth companies within the healthcare industry. The New York-based firm presented recently a report which showed growth, announcing impressive number that reflect the activities of 2017. In particular, Altium Growth Fund, a product of Altium Capital, reported year to date returns of 7.37%. The numbers are based on the fund’s performance over the span of 5 months, from the fund’s inception in June until October of 2018.

Altium Growth Fund focuses mainly on small-cap as well as mid-cap equities, and equity-linked products, with Jacob Gottlieb, a successful financial entrepreneur, seeking out enterprises which offer meaningful medical treatment advances. The fund is a Delaware limited partnership that is investing mainly in the US and international sub-sectors of the healthcare industry, such as services, life science tools, medical devices, medical technology, major and specialty pharma, and biotech.

Who is Jacob Gottlieb? He acts as the firm’s Managing Partner and its Chief Investment officer. Prior to launching Altium, he founded Visium Asset Management back in 2005, a firm which peaked in 2016 with its $8 billion hedge fund and more than 200 employees in its offices in London, New York City, and San Francisco. He was also a founding member of BAM – Balyasny Asset Management, and prior to that he worked as an investment portfolio manager for Merlin Financial in England. He holds a BA degree in Economics from Brown University as well as an MD received from New York University Medical School. He completed his internship in New York at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Another key member at Altium is Mark Gottlieb, who acts as the Chief Operating Officer. Prior to Altium, he worked for Visium, where he was a Partner as well as the Chief Administrative Officer. Similar to Jacob Gottlieb, Mark worked for Balyasny Asset Management, where he was part of the investment team which focused around negotiating private investment in public companies which were in development-stage healthcare. He holds a BA degree in Economics from Vassar College and an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital received from Cornell University.

Altium Capital Management was established in 2017, and focuses on generating returns in a number of equity-focused products in the healthcare industry. The firm’s emphasis is on fundamental research with the focus being on positive expected-value trades. Besides Jacob and Mark Gottlieb, the rest of the team behind the firm is comprised of experienced professionals who have successful track records in a number of areas, such as hedge fund investment firms, deal structuring, commercial healthcare industry, and small/specialty investments.

Recent investments made by Altium Capital were made in Amarin Corporation, Oragenics, and Oramed Pharmaceuticals, all of which are part of the healthcare sector. Amarin focuses on developing drugs designed to improve cardiovascular health, while Oragenics puts an emphasis on novel antibiotics that fight infections diseases, and on treatment development for oral mucositis through replacement therapy. In addition, Oramed focuses on designing oral treatment alternative for patients who suffer from diabetes and are otherwise getting injectable drugs.

The firm’s approach to investment is based on a thorough research process which focuses on capitalizing on the pricing inefficiencies in the small-cap and mid-cap sectors. Altium Capital has a strategy to identify and fundamentally drive ideas in the global healthcare environment. The process is based on bottom-up analysis for each security selection, and it’s designed to generate returns for short as well as long positions combined with exposure hedging, with every investment being judged individually on merits and also evaluated on risk-reward characteristics as well as expected-value characteristics.