The new horror series NOS4A2, with Zachary Quinto, offer a first teaser is dark and mysterious

Cinema 11 February, 2019






Worn by Zachary Quinto, the actor who dons the costume of a bloodthirsty killer with gusto (Heroes, American Horror Story), NOS4A2 will soon appear on our screens.

Originally NOS4A2 (pronounced Nosferatu) is a horror novel by Joe Hill (Joseph Hillstrom King) released in April 2013. The idea of wearing his narrative of supernatural and ominous on the screen does not date from yesterday. In 2015 already the idea had been addressed by the chain AMC, but he had to wait until 2018 for the order from 10 episodes to be passed.

And NOS4A2 will not be the first time that one of the works of the son of Stephen King goes to the paper to the screen, since the film Horns de Alexandre Aja released in 2014, and with Daniel Radcliffe was directly adapted from the novel Horns.


Here’s one that has a power devouring


The thriller NOS4A2 will follow the actions of a disease of Charles Manx, a bogeyman, no age removes the children, sucks their vital energy, their soul, to rejuvenate, before leading the remains of them to Christmasland, a Christmas village out of his imagination is twisted, where every day is Christmas, and where unhappiness is forbidden.

Using strange powers to track the killer, and Maggie, Victoria McQueen was not long before to confront Manx in worlds populated of the most awful nightmares.

Zachary Quinto, famous killer of Heroes and other American Horror Story, will give the reply to Ashleigh Cummings in this series, which is governed by the showrunner Jamin O’brien (Fear the Walking Dead). Sometimes in the force of age, and sometimes shot down by old age Zachary Quinto will regularly from one age to another. A transformation quite impressive on the screen.


Zachary Quinto in 150 years


The series title, which refers of course to the mythical Nosferatu the vampire of F. W. Murnau and Nosferatu – phantom of the night Werner Herzog, is also a reference to the license plate of the Rolls-Royce, Charles Manx to him for removing the children : NOS4A2.

The driver of NOS4A2 is expected to make its premiere at the film Festival South by Southwest (in march next). Its first teaser, which, for a reason which escapes us, there has been relayed that the Twitter account TuSubtitulo, is a series of images evocative, cryptic and repulsive that leave us very curious about this project.

Here is the legend : “Follow a criminal nature supernatural, which satisfied his urges by feeding on the souls of the childhood. However, his habits turbulent will be threatened by the arrival of Vic McQueen”.



Te presentamos el primer teaser of NOS4A2 (AMC).

You follow has a criminal de naturaleza sobrenatural that sacia sus impulsos alimentándose of almas childhood. Sin embargo, sus turbulentos hábitos se verán amenazados con la llegada de Vic McQueen.#NOS4A2

— TuSubtitulo (@tu_subtitulo) February 11, 2019