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Entertainment 28 August, 2017


The 31 August next, it will be twenty years since Lady Diana died in a terrible car accident. And despite the passing of time, his disappearance still has areas of shadow. That night, while France learns with horror the death of the princess, Jacques Chirac was not sleeping with his wife Bernadette.

Each year since the August 31, 1997, the circumstances of the death of Lady Diana are once again being scrutinized, studied, and reported in the media. That night, the princess of Wales lost his life in a terrible car accident alongside Dodi Al-Fayed. A sudden disappearance that occurred in the French capital. August 31, 1997, the prime minister has, therefore, lived a true hell. Pierre-Alain Muet, then economic adviser to the Prime minister, Lionel Jospin, was obviously the only one in the controls. During this tragic event, the country’s leaders were difficult to contact , as explained in Jean-Claude Laumond, former driver Jacques Chirac in his book Twenty-five years with him, released in 2001. In the evening of the tragedy, the ex-president of the Republic was apparently not at his home with his wife Bernadette. Jacques Chirac is believed to have spent part of the night, alongside Claudia Cardinale. In the Face of this rumor, the actress has always denied.

But this is probably not a coincidence that in February 2016, at the 11th charity gala of the Association for research on Alzheimer’s disease held at the Olympia, Bernadette Chirac had carefully avoided crossing Claudia Cardinale. For its part, the Italian icon has lived a very beautiful love story with the director neapolitan Pasquale Squitieri and the father of her daughter : ” I’ve had in my life as a single man “, said she then in may of last year in the columns of the World.

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