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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


In his book, was Not born to it : my life with the stars, released in late October (Plon), Jean-Claude Camus remembers the night that has past, the Sardou family : after the rape of his daughter Cynthia, Michel Sardou has had a road accident.

It is an anecdote terrible that narrates Jean-Claude Camus, in his book, was Not born to it : my life with the stars, released in late October at éditions Plon. The producer of the biggest French celebrities remembered the Christmas eve painful of the year 1999 that have passed Michel Sardou and his family. “My phone rings at around 1 in the morning,” begins Jean-Claude Camus. At the end of the wire, the mother of the singer, Anne-Marie Sardou, ” panicked “, he announced two dramas : the artist has had a road accident and his daughter, Cynthia, who was at the time 26 years old, was raped by several people. Learning the pain of her daughter, the blood of the performer of the Lakes of Connemara made only a tower. “Michel is party like crazy in the car, his daughter called, she was in the middle of the countryside, on the side of Pontoise, she was raped. And he had an accident in the tunnel of the Defence. Now, I don’t know where it is, ” he tells her, disarmed, the mother of Michel Sardou.

Jean-Claude Camus goes off to look for Anne-Marie Sardou and end up together at the force of Pontoise, where they found the father and his daughter. “This was a night for all of us, and first of all to it. I was full of trouble, ” recalled the producer. Cynthia Sardou tells of her ordeal in a book, Appelez-moi Li Lou, released in 2005. “I consented. To survive… I got undressed and for two hours, in turn, they abused me, ” she wrote.

Very discreet, the singer had referred to this painful episode for his family. “I have an older daughter, Sandrine, who gave me a very pretty little girl… And I have another daughter, the youngest, who unfortunately had a terrible experience, who has been kidnapped and raped and who has not really shed. She is sick. And a disease for which unfortunately there is no cure” he explained in a special broadcast of Patrick Sabatier that he was fully consecrated in 2010.

Sardou, the film of his life “, by Laurent Luyat and Frédéric Benudis, to be broadcast this Wednesday at 20: 55 on France 3.

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