The OA: 3 questions that deserve a response in season 2

Cinema 4 January, 2017

With The OA, we went from laughter to tears to complete misunderstanding. Here are 3 questions that deserve a response if season 2 there …
The OA is the new event series Nextflix and here are 3 reasons for binge watcher if it is not already. In other words, the immersion is total and the first episodes captivated all our attention. Unable to win, we wanted to know the story of The OA aka Nina aka Prairie. However, the more the episodes went by, the more questions appeared. His narrative had some inconsistencies and the end really left us on our hunger … or even downright lost. What happened ? Who is really The OA? For now, Netflix has not officialized season 2, but we say that writers can not leave us like that, with all these questions in mind. Moreover, if season 2 there are the 3 questions that deserve to be enlightened in the rest of the series!
Will the OA be re-appointed for season two? We are almost convinced of it and say that Netflix has an interest! The Season Finale was by no means a Final Series and our questions deserve a response. The first, that of course everyone has to ask, is, if Prairie really met Dr. Hunter Hap, Homer, Renata and all others in his life . Is his narrative real or invented from any part via books? This is what we want to know because the last episode really put us in doubt! The second question we have is his past. Is his biological father really dead? And finally, if all she said is true, will she go back to Homer, the one she loves? We just have to cross our fingers for a season 2 of The OA born if questions remain unanswered again … Tell us all meltynautes, what questions do you ask?