The OA: Travelers, The Discovery, Glitch … Looking at what on Netflix waiting for season 2?

The revelation The OA dating a few weeks, you have to wonder what other SF series look in the meantime season 2! Between Glitch, Traverlers and The Discovery, discover what Netflix has to offer.
Make your choice ! Lately, we announced that The OA was officially renewed for a season 2 by Netflix . However, for the time being, no information has been given as to the time of its shooting and even less as to its diffusion. So it’s many months that we’ll have to wait before we discover the continuation of this incredible series of science fiction, while watching the video-on-demand service? Netflix has a very rich science fiction catalog , including Sense8, Stranger Things, Black Mirror , as well as older series such as Misfits, Firefly, Fringe and Falling Skies .
Since the end of December, Netflix proposes to us to discover its first season composed of 12 episodes. The story is simple and effective and leads us to follow a team of travelers, special operations agents sent to the 21st century from a future where the human condition is threatened. Their goal is to prevent the decline of humanity in a more or less distant future . As episodes continue, travelers are entrusted with consistent missions to thwart important events with far-reaching consequences for the future, in order to perpetuate the future of humanity and life on Earth. Simple and effective, less leafy than The OA, Travelers remains very pleasant to follow. Moreover, the series knew how to find its public since ”
The Australian series is sure to seduce the audience of The OA . In six episodes, in the first season, we follow the course of the sheriff of the small town Yoorana and the six people who, completely naked, walk inexplicably to the cemetery at night, seeming lost. Quickly the sheriff recognized one of the six people: his wife died two years before. Even if it is about undead, forget to think in terms of zombie or demonic work. The series is poetic, questions much about love, our attachment to others and the traces we leave after our death . Having been rewarded several times, Glitch has been renewed and new episodes are due to arrive shortly. Quickly!
Another particularly effective leaflet series, 3% comes straight from Brazil. The concept is simple, as is shown in its official synopsis: “3% plunges us into a dystopian society divided in two: the rich (3% of the population) and the poor. To reach the highest stratum, participants will only have one chance and will be divided into events, but only 3% of them will arrive at the end … ” The series quickly created a solid Fan base and got very good reviews, so it was renewed for a second season. Let’s hope that this last one includes more than the 8 episodes of the first salvo.
We talk about it less often, yet Netflix is ​​full of movies often flirting with science fiction . So, we could see the sympathetic iBoy , or Arq and Spectral . While not all of us have fully met our expectations, the upcoming video-on-demand project may change the situation. Indeed, on March 31, we will discover The Discovery . Selected at the Sundance Film Festival, the synopsis informs us that “Science having proved a year ago that life after death is a reality, millions of people around the world have committed suicide to achieve it. We asked ourselves 3 questions that season 2 of The OA will have to answer! What are you going to watch while waiting for the return of The OA? We asked ourselves 3 questions that season 2 of The OA will have to answer! What are you going to watch while waiting for the return of The OA?

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