The omalizumab fight effectively against multiple food allergies

Health 12 December, 2017


Published the 12.12.2017 at 17h49


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Associate a antibodies and immunotherapy can fix the problems, allergies, multiple-food. A study just for the experience of the association between an antibody anti-IgE (omalizumab) and oral immunotherapy (OIT). The effect has been positive for patients allergic to several fruits. The combination of an initial treatment of 16 weeks of the drug omalizumab with the ILO greatly improves the health of children with allergies. After 36 weeks, more than 80% of those who received the omalizumab and the ILO could be consumed safely portions of two grams of at least two foods to which they were allergic, compared to only one-third of the children who received the placebo and the ILO.

Desensitize quickly

Nearly 30 % of people with food allergy are allergic to multiple foods. The results of the study are based on previous work suggesting that the omalizumab, an injectable medicine approved to treat allergic asthma moderate to severe, may improve the safety and effectiveness of the ILO for allergies to a single food. The omalizumab blocks the activity of IgE, a molecule of the immune system central to the allergic response.

The results suggest the potential benefits of the use of omalizumab to facilitate quickly, and safely, desensitization to multiple food allergens.