The Originals Season 4: Episode 10, where will Kol go for Davina? Our criticism

Cinema 4 June, 2017

Last night the American channel The CW broadcast episode 10 of season 4 of The Originals. Then discover our criticism of “Phantomesque”!
Something happened in episode 10 of season 4 of The Originals , beginning with the return of Kol and Rebekah to New Orleans when they learned of the death of their brother, Elijah. They also discovered that the Hollow was back on Earth in its human form, and both Mikealson then wanted to lend strong hands to their family in order to find a way to neutralize it. Their first mission? Find the eight piles made from the rosebush, in order to destroy any weapon capable of eliminating them. If Kol is quickly distracted by something we’ll talk about later, Rebekah helps Klaus and will find himself confronting Marcel. The latter is more than ever determined to save Sofya and he needs the famous rose bush for that. While he almost died after attempting to take Hollow’s blood directly at the source, he was not ready to let the Mikaelson destroy what he needed to save Sofya. If one feels disappointment in Rebekah, she understands Marcel’s motives and leaves him the weapon in question if he promises to destroy it later .
Meanwhile, Freya does her best to try to find Elijah inside the pendant. Unfortunately, this requires too much energy to conjure the spell and go into the pendant in search of Elijah. Hayley agrees to do it in his place and Hope is going to help her aunt with regards to magic. Hayley is plunged into the most violent memories of Elijah and she clearly does not have a good time … Thanks to Hope, she nevertheless managed to come out alive by having found Elijah. Freya can therefore reattach the pendant. However, we must not rejoice too quickly because if Elijah is safe in the pendant, he has suffered so much that Freya can only bring him back to his own body and for that they will need a big sacrifice . Of course, The sacrifice that would fix everyone would be the Hollow, but Freya warns her sister, if she can not use the Hollow, she will use the best second choice: Marcel. Moreover, if Elijah comes back to life, one wonders how his reunion with Hayley will unfold after all that she has discovered and how he has been with her …
Let’s go back to Kol, who discovered at the turn of a conversation that the ancestors were back and there is a new opportunity for him to see Davina again. Since the death of the young woman, Kol has not stopped thinking of her and is ready to do anything to see her again … Maybe even to go too far. The Harvest daughters refuse to help him, but somebody hears his call and intends to make an ally: the Hollow. She brings back Davina from the dead, linking them both, which means that if the Hollow dies, Davina will die with her . Is Kol going to put his whole family back in order to stay with Davina? Well, the good news is that Rebekah and Kol are staying in New Orleans, There are more than three episodes in this season of The Originals , one imagines that they will be there until the end. Episode 10 of season 4 of The Originals goes a long way in history. Although we found the intrigue in the memories of Elijah a little too long, we did not bother before “Phantomesque” . What did you think of this episode?