The Originals Season 4: Episode 12, One Last Hope for Hope, Our Critic

Cinema 17 June, 2017

Check out our critic of episode 12 of season 4 of The Originals, which aired last night on the American channel The CW.
There is only one episode left in this fourth season of The Originals and the stakes have never been so high for the Mikaelson since the Hollow took possession of the little Hope’s body and it seems almost impossible to recover it. After some rather clumsy episodes, the series offers us a penultimate and more touching episode, and it feels good . All the characters are finally united for a common goal, that of saving the most innocent of all: Hope. If episode 12 of season 4 of The Originals begins with all – or almost – the characters celebrating the defeat of the Hollow, the characters realize in turn that the threat is still present. Even worse, The Hollow joined Hope and took little possession of her body. When the symbol of the Hollow is complete on the arm of Klaus’s daughter, it will mean that it will belong to him definitively. Once a custom, a new race against time begins for the Mikaelson, Marcel, Vincent and even Sofya.
It must be admitted that, for once, it is really good to see them working together, leaving the rancor and the old wounds aside. While Klaus enters Hope’s mind, trying to help him fight the power of the Hollow, the others are responsible for distracting their enemies so that Vincent can realize the fate that his mother had used on her Centuries to imprison it for ever. Unfortunately for them, she is already too powerful and she manages to fully control Hope’s body. Klaus is not ready to give up on the one who is “his heart and soul” and he then asks that all the characters present face part of the promise “always and forever” ” ) To save Hope. This gives Vincent an idea that he thinks he has found a solution to save Hope, but that would also mean the end of this promise , “always and forever” … The final season looks intense!
Otherwise, it is important to make a small point about the different relationships of the series. If Freya finally succeeds in letting go of Keelin by revealing his feelings and offering us touching scenes , we can not say that Rebekah and Elijah have the same result from their sides. After kissing in episode 11 of season 4 of The Originals , Rebekah thinks there is still a way to save his relationship with Marcel. It was not counting on his feelings for Sofya – even if, let’s be honest, it shows that Rebekah does not leave him indifferent . As for Elijah, the poor, Hayley has not spoken to him since he came back from the dead. Ouch . Hayley has seen very dark and violent things in Elijah’s mind and she does not yet know if she can be with him while wanting to protect Hope and keep her innocence. We hope that the final season will address all these questions and we look forward to seeing how this new chapter will end! What did you think of this episode?