The Originals season 4: Episode 13, the end of “Always and Forever”, our critic of the final season!

Cinema 24 June, 2017

Last night, the American channel The CW broadcast episode 13 of season 4 of The Originals. Then discover our review of “The Feast of All Sinners”, the final season!
For this last episode of season 4, The Originals decided to play the card of emotion rather than that of tension and suspense, and the least we can say is that it worked rather well. It was indeed necessary to leave the handkerchiefs several times and the end of the episode leaves us to wonder how will be able to function the season 5 because this final season had great airs of final series . Episode 13 of season 4 of The Originals begins while Vincent explains his plan to the Mikaelson: divide the Hollow into four and put each part in one of the Mikaelson because it requires powerful beings. If this plan looks awesome at first, it hides a most difficult condition to accept for the original family: They will not be able to see each other again. The goal is to keep the Hollow separate so that it can not be reconstituted.
This news is hard to digest for them, especially Rebekah who refuses to be separated from her brothers, but also for Freya who feels helpless and who will see her family again torn. Unfortunately, there are no other solutions and as they are all ready to do anything to save Hope, they will go to the end of their plan. But, apart from having to stay away from each other, they will also have to stay away from Hope, a painful achievement for Klaus who just found his little girl early in the season after 5 years of separation. We are also seeing a heart-rending separation between Hayley and Elijah, who never really took the time to clear things up after Hayley’s stay in the pendant . Will they ever find each other again? The sequence of events in any case actually complicates this possibility.
While the ritual has worked, they all have to separate, without being entitled to a “goodbye” worthy of the name. Hope is released and Klaus succeeds in articulating a “I love you” before having to leave, a scene that broke our hearts … But it is not the only one because we find then Marcel and Elijah and it Demands to force him to forget his promise of “forever and ever” , to forget his family. Indeed, Elijah has always stolen from Klaus, he has always sacrificed everything for his family and that is his greatest weakness. He can not resist the need to help Klaus – and the others – and this could put them in danger of the Hollow.
Now that they are separated, will they finally be able to find happiness on their side? This seems to be the case in any case for Kol, Freya and Rebekah who found Marcel in New York. Even Elijah seems free, and Hayley finally has what she wants for Hope: a life away from the violence of the Mikaelson family. We find them both in Mystic Falls in the school of magic of Caroline and Alaric, with a surprise appearance of it! The one for whom this separation may be the hardest is probably Klaus. Already he is the one who is alone and his greatest fear has always been that his family does not leave him, we wonder how he will handle this new situation … It is really a bitter-sweet end that the series proposes , Since despite the separation, Each – or almost – seems to find a small piece of happiness. In any case, strongly season 5 of The Originals and know that you can already read some info on, on melty! What did you think of this episode?