The Originals Season 4: Episode 3, Hope in Danger, Our Critic

Cinema 1 April, 2017

Last night, the American channel The CW broadcast season 3 episode The Originals. Then discover without further delay our critique of “Haunter of Ruins”.
This fourth season of The Originals is very dark. Between the sacrifices of children and a magic that seems uncontrollable, the Mikaelson will have to face a new force that remains still very mysterious. In episode 3 of season 4 of The Originals , we find the Mikaelson as they each try to get to their new freedom. Without precise goals, without enemies to fight, one feels that they are lost and tensions rise. Besides, Kol and Rebekah decide to leave their side, wishing to enjoy their life rather than stay in a place where they are not in any way unwilling. If Kol leaves like a thief, Rebekah makes a point of at least saying goodbye to Klaus. The farewells are moving and for the first time in their entire history, Klaus agrees to let his sister leave to find happiness, as he found it with Hope . We hope all the same that the two Mikaelson will be back during the season, because we love to see the family almost – complete.
For his part, Klaus was finally able to see his little girl, who grew well in five years. Their first contact is timid, but very quickly one feels that a special bond unites them. For the moment, the young Mikaelson is all that is most innocent. Their scenes are very cute, we really do not usually see Klaus like that. In another style, we have the reunion between Hayley and Elijah, who despite the joy of being found, can not help but have the guilt of their past acts that weigh on their shoulders. We are still very happy that they are finally together. As for Freya, she alone continues to fear for their safety. She refuses to let Keelin leave, because she wants to have her venom at hand if Marcel decides to attack them. She’ll go after him after Hayley releases him. In the end, she understands that Keelin could bring her much more than her venom: her medical expertise. His plan ? Combine magic and medicine to find a way to kill Marcel!
Meanwhile, Vincent tells Marcel about the dark events taking place in New Orleans. A mysterious force directly linked to black magic hovers over the city and places the lives of children in particular. It turns out that Vincent knows more than anyone thought about the subject, especially because he has already experienced this with his wife, Eva, when she was expecting their child. This is an opportunity for us to see Maisie Richardson-Sellers again in her role as a diabolic witch. For the moment, we do not yet know much about all that, except that the force seems directly related to Vincent and that it puts the lives of five children in danger, including Hope Mikaelson . The young witch and the rest of her family will have to return to New Orleans so that Vincent illuminates them. “The Haunters of Ruins” is more enjoyable than the episode 2 of season 3 of The Originals , despite still a few lengths and we really look forward to getting into the heart of the matter because the whole seems a little too predictable at the moment. What did you think of this episode?