The Originals Season 4: Episode 7, A Truce between Marcel and Klaus? Our criticism

Cinema 6 May, 2017

Last night, the American channel The CW broadcast episode 7 of season 4 of The Originals. Then discover our review of “High Water and a Devil’s Daughter”.
If the characters have each made progress to find a way to destroy the Hollow, the Hollow continues to become more powerful and has even found a body to inhabit. Episode 7 of season 4 of The Originals begins as the Mikaelson discover that Dominic is still alive and that he remains a threat to their family. Freya then conjures a protective spell around their house, preventing Hayley, Klaus, Hope and Marcel from getting out. She then decides to find this Dominic in order to learn more about the bones that could allow the Hollow to resume form on Earth. With the help of Josh, she puts a trap to Dominic and succeeds in making him prisoner. But while she has the upper hand and begins to get real information from her, Dominic makes him believe that Keelin is dead. Freya, who has grown closer to Keelin during the last episodes, loses control of his magic under the rage and Dominic takes the opportunity to regain the upper hand and kill it . What ?!
Fortunately, Keelin, a bad-ass werewolf, is safely out of the battle with Dominic’s minions and arrives in time to resuscitate Freya by making her heart bounce back with a big blow on her chest . She literally beats her heart, aw . However, once awakened, Freya understands that if she died even a few moments, the spell of protection had to be lifted and her family is therefore in danger. In an excess of anger – and certainly because of the fear of losing loved ones – Freya sends violently to walk Keelin, without even a “thank you” . When Freya arrives at their residence, Hayley is unconscious and Klaus s’ Is already busy with Dominic – is he really dead this time? – but Hope and Marcel have disappeared. Indeed, during their captivity, Hope paid a visit to Marcel and they got along quite well. If Marcel always feels rage towards his adoptive father, we know that he remains a good and just man and that he would never hurt Hope. As we suspected, it is Hope that allows a truce between Marcel and Klaus – this little door bears his name well .
Meanwhile, Elijah is still doing his little thing on his side. We do not know you, but we do not recognize Elijah since the beginning of this season 4 of The Originals . Violent, imprudent or even thoughtless, Elijah rushes headlong without really thinking too much about the consequences . After killing Dominic in front of everyone in episode 6 of season 4 of The Originals , this week he slit four young witches from the French Quarter for the Harvest ritual. Vincent is totally shocked to see the bodies of these young girls – and it is understood – because Elijah did not respect the ritual at all. Besides, the ancestors are not delighted either, and Vincent must then do something quite disturbing, for him as for us. He breaks the grave of Davina Claire – preparing us thus the return of this one in the next episode – and leaves his skull. Glaucous . Through his skull, he asks him to intervene in their favor with the ancestors and it works. The witches of New Orleans are again connected to the ancestors.
The paths of Freya and Keelin end up recrossing and it is time for confrontation. Fortunately, the dispute does not last long and closes on their first kiss. Finally ! If the characters seem to find a semblance of peace at the end of the episode, it should not last long because the Hollow is far from having finished with them. He appears in the guise of a woman and seizes the body of Sofya, which is now possessed . Indeed, the return of the ancestors frightens the Hollow and the latter thinks that the body of Sofya is the perfect place to hide. In any case, we did not bother a second before this episode full of twists and Charles Michael Davis (Marcel) did a very good job for his first time behind the camera. Furthermore, The tiny wink at The Vampire Diaries with the mention of Tyler Lockwood had to please the fans. Very soon! What did you think of this episode?