The Originals Season 4: Will Hayley Die? The plan of the Hollow could be fatal

Cinema 29 May, 2017

While Elijah’s future is uncertain, Hayley is also in great danger. Could she die in season 4 of The Originals?
The Mikaelson play with our nerves! In episode 9 of season 4 of The Originals, Elijah was sacrificed by the Hollow! The original vampire is dead but his mind always seems preserved thanks to the counterpart of Freya. In the next episode, the witch and Hayley will try to unite the mind and body of Elijah. Will they succeed? The fans of the series are worried about Klaus’ brother! But this is not the only one that could be victim of the Hollow in season 4 of The Originals . Hayley is one of the same lineage as the Hollow and his blood can weaken the great villain of the new episodes. If it is the key to eliminating the Hollow, it is also a threat to the Hollow .
The Hollow expects to get rid of his weaknesses, that is, his own blood that is currently flowing through the veins of Hayley and Hope. In season 4 of The Originals , this evil force has a plan for Hayley. The synopsis of episode 11 tells us that “The Hollow plan for Hayley leaves it in the fight of his life .” That’s not good news for Hope’s mother. The Hollow did not really have a hard time defeating such a powerful Elijah vampire, and the last time Hayley tried to face her rival she found herself very quickly . However, let us not forget that little Hope is still there to help her family and could once again show the extent of her powers in the face of the terrible threat. We’ll meet you on June 2 to find out more about Hayley’s fate. Meanwhile, find out what’s going to happen in episode 10 of season 4 of The Originals in which Rebekah and Kol will be back . And do you think Hayley could die in season 4 of The Originals?