The Originals season 5: Klaroline, Julie Plec just confirmed the meeting of Caroline and Klaus?

Cinema 11 June, 2017

Julie Plec has revealed new clues that suggest that Caroline and Klaus will meet in season 5 of The Originals!

While the series The Vampire Diaries ended last March after its eighth season, its spin-off The Originals was renewed for a season 5 . The fans of the two shows were obviously delighted with the news because they will be able to find the universe of the mother series in the derivative show. After Stefan, Tyler and Alaric have paid a visit to the Mikaelson during crossovers between the two series, the aficionados hope that characters from The Vampire Diaries will be able to join season 5 of The Originals . Fans especially think of Caroline who opened a school for children with magical powers using Alaric but also Klaus. The couple Klaroline is the ”
Julie Plec, the showrunner of the two series, seems to have revealed by mistake that Caroline would be present in season 5 of The Originals . “Alaric and Caroline run the Salvatore School for young people with magical powers and Hope Mikael – me *** does nothing. Keep watching …” she told Entertainment Weekly ! Oops, Julie Plec has lifted the mystery! Indeed, Hope Mikaelson should soon join the school of Caroline so the couple Klaroline should also meet. Klaus had revealed that he wanted to be the last love of the pretty blonde and it could be that his wish became reality in season 5 of The Originals . That should also delight the fans! While waiting to learn more about the reunion of Klaroline, discover also our critic of episode 11 of season 4 of The Originals. And you, are you eager to find Caroline in season 5 of The Originals?