The Originals season 5: Kol and Davina, Freya vampire, Nathaniel Buzolic confides in the continuation of the series!

Cinema 27 June, 2017

Present at the Welcome to Mystic Falls 3 convention on June 24-25 in Paris, Nathaniel Buzolic, the interpreter of Kol Mikaelson, took the opportunity to give us some confidences about season 5 of The Originals.
Yesterday, we were presented with our exclusive interview with Daniel Gillies. Elijah Mikaelson’s interpreter told us all about The Originals’ season 5 at Welcome to Mystic Falls 3, which was held this weekend in Paris. During this event, we also met Nathaniel Buzolic who plays the youngest of the Mikaelson, Kol. The actor teased the season 5 of The Originals before unveiling his projects and some anecdotes as fun as interesting. In The Season Final Season 4 of The Originals , Freya was ready to become a vampire to rescue her niece, Hope. But finally, Kol arrived in extremis so that Vincent could proceed to the lot in order to save the daughter of Klaus and so that his sister does not have to renounce its powers. However, could Freya become a vampire in the sequel to The Originals ? “It could happen, of course, but I do not think it’s going to happen.” , He replied. While many rumors claim that a spin-off of The Originals is in preparation, Nate Buzolic revealed that he would not be interested in a derivative series about Kol and Davina . “I’m done with Kol Mikaelson, and I’d rather devote myself to something else now, maybe in the movies, Loves movies but also perhaps on television. If they offer me a good series with a good script, why not return to the TV, “he said adding that he was currently working on a secret project.
Kol was preparing to ask Davina in marriage in Season 4 of The Originals. Will it return in season 5 of the series? The actor hopes! “I do not know because I’m always the last one aware of things, but I really hope to come back for at least some episodes.” , He said. Nate Buzolic then explained that he could never have come back to Kol. “They wanted to replace me with Daniel Sharman!” , He said with a laugh. “They offered him a regular role in the series but eventually it did not happen and I came back.” , he added. Moreover, the actor confessed that he had never gone through a ” Audition to interpret the youngest of the Mikaelsons and that he could have played a very different character. “I did not audition for the role of Kol, I auditioned for the role of Stefan Salvatore then for that of Klaus. Finally, I was offered the role of Kol.” Nate Buzolic also revealed that he had a very good relationship with Davina’s interpreter, Danielle Campbell, and he loved playing with the actress. As for Daniel Gillies, he is the member of the cast with whom he best understands and whom he considers a brother. Finally, Nate Buzolic told us that the filming of season 5 of The Originals would begin as usual at the end of July . The next episodes are scheduled to air in 2018 on The CW. While waiting to learn more, discover also the confidences of the showrunner about season 5 of The Originals. And you, what do you think of the revelations of Nate Buzolic of The Originals?