The Originals season 5: When will it be broadcast?

Cinema 25 June, 2017

While The Originals season 4 has just ended, find out when season 5 of the CW series will air!
It’s hard to get over our emotions after the episode 13 of season 4 of The Originals ! Indeed, the Mikaelson are now all separated and if the series had not been renewed, it could have made an interesting to the series because the episode really had the airs of final series. But, fortunately, we will be able to find all the characters in a new season. The less good news is that the wait is going to be damn long before the Originelle family makes its big comeback since season 5 of The Originals is programmed only at mid-season by the CW . This means that the series will not return until 2018 and we do not yet know how many episodes.
The next season of The Originals promises to be very different, especially because Michael Narducci will no longer be the showrunner and it is Julie Plec who will take over the reins . Will it bring big changes to the tone of the series? If we do not think so, there is no doubt that the creator of The Vampire Diaries will perhaps bring her personal paw a little more than in recent seasons. One thing is for sure, we will be loyal to the post to discover the new adventures of the Mikaelson family, which are expected to take place several years later. Indeed, season 5 of The Originals should start with a leap in time and a teenage Hope, that promises to be most interesting!