The Oscar nominees, Star Wars The Last Jedi, Ghost in the Shell … The Top Film of the month of February!

Cinema 28 February, 2017

The month of February has been rather rich with the Oscars and its charts, Ghost in the Shell or Star Wars The Last Jedi …
The month of February was shorter than the others but not necessarily less rich in twists! And for good reason: one of the most prestigious film ceremony , the Oscars, took place with its share of surprises and rewards. But that’s not all, as Scarlett Johansson’s next film, Ghost in the Shell, adapted from the famous eponymous manga, unveiled itself through several images but above all a new exclusive trailer. Star Wars 8, on which Rian Johnson will attempt “to be careful not to break the magic Star Wars,” once again offered several crazy theories to the fans. Back on these three news that made the strength of the month of February!
Presented by Jimmy Kimmel, famous American TV man, the Oscars 2017 once again upset the forecasts. While LaLaLand was the big favorite, the famous jury decided by making Moonlight – the upsetting story of a young homosexual black – the winner of this year. But it was not counting on a reversal of envelopes making LaLaLand the winner for short minutes and throwing an enormous embarrassment in the room when the real best film of the competition was designated! Among the Oscar winners, the spectators could also count Emma Stone for LaLaLand , Casey Affleck for Manchester by the sea or even … Suicide Squad for the best make-up. Yes, the unloved DCU received a prize! It is to understand nothing there.
The film adaptation of Ghost in the Shell is awaited by fans of the manga. With anxiety or not. And while they were not expecting it, a new, rather explosive trailer was unveiled. Scarlett Johansson, a member of the elite section 9 unit, faces a terrible terrorist named Le Marionnettiste . Futuristic cyber-punk, robots, fights … all the ingredients will be present to make Ghost in the Shell, which also revealed Motoko and all his team on new animated posters , a good entertainment. The film will be released on our screens soon, on March 29th precisely.
Since his title was unveiled, The Last Jedi is at the center of all the rumors and this month of February has offered us enormously. For example, MakingStarWars revealed that in this new chapter, some planets would remain neutral in the conflict between good and evil . A way to make the next opus a much more mature and less Manichaean episode. Without forgetting that this same site reveals internal conflicts within the Resistance between the personage embodied by Laura Dern and Poe Dameron in a galaxy in full upheaval. Without forgetting that the last theory – and probably the craziest – remains that Snock could be one of the … Last Jedi !