The OSEF info: Fan of Kate Middleton, a surfer reproduces his looks identically!

Entertainment 7 April, 2017

When a fan of Kate Middleton decides to imitate her outfits to perfection, the result is more than surprising. And this is the OSEF info of the day!
While Middleton is jealous of the sexy side of Meghan Markle , she clearly has nothing to envy him. The Duchess of Cambridge , always elegant and extremely elegant, leaves no one indifferent. So much so that at each of her media appearances, the mother of George and Charlotte shines and quickly becomes the center of all attentions. Moreover, its sober and refined style makes envious. But when one knows the price of certain outfits of the companion of Prince William – they can range from 93 to 4000 dollars – difficult to imagine disburse such sums. And yet, an English girl named Kate Urbanksa, 29, Managed to recreate the looks of Kate Middleton identically for much cheaper . A successful and pretty bluffing bet.
And it’s on Instagram and her blog called Great RepliKate that Kate Urbanksa posts pictures of her looks. Conquered by the classic look of Kate Middleton , the 29 year old woman never hesitates to take inspiration from the Duchess. Interviewed by the Daily Mail , she says she finds her outfits in stores or on ready-to-wear sites. But when she does not find her happiness, she contacts a tailor to make tailor-made outfits. However, the passion of this surfer is not free. She confesses that until now she has spent nearly 7,000 books or 8100 euros to reproduce the style of Prince William’s wife . A discreet look that she has adopted in everyday life. And one thing is certain, it’s going to delight! And for ever more info OSEF, here is Kim Kardashian who plays look alike to his mother Kris Jenner. So, resembling or not?