The OSEF info: Kim Kardashian spoils the Christmas paparazzi

Entertainment 16 December, 2016

Poor paparazzi! Kim Kardashian has totally ruined their Christmas and New years and explains why in the info OSEF.

Recently, Kim Kardashian has a very sexy back on Instagram but soon Perez Hilton has violently clashée . A bad buzz is really not gone unnoticed. Because yes, for some time the TV reality star made subtle appearances on social networks. Unfortunately for his fans, it is still not reappeared on the media scene. A discretion that must its recent attack on Paris . As you probably already know, the young woman of 36 years has made shine during his visit to the Fashion Week . A traumatic episode who then forced to leave the web. But if some of its admirers were delighted that she finally takes time for it, this decision has not pleased everyone. Starting with the paparazzi who think Kim Kardashian has completely ruined their Christmas party. Ouch.

Yes, the absence of Kim Kardashian who spoke about his supposed divorce with Kanye West , is a real blow to the paparazzi. Moreover, interviewed by Page Six , one of them claimed that the star of TV-reality was much simpler to photograph before the attack in Paris : “You always knew where she was going because she revealed to everyone. she wanted to know where she was going for lunch and for that, she preferred to walk on foot at the sight of all. ” But things have changed. Now away from bling evenings Hollywood , the young woman is much less present and therefore less photo. But can we really blame Kim Kardashian want to escape the constant pressure of the paparazzi? We’ll let you judge . Anyway, some of them do not seem to be too slaughtered by the shortfall. Since according to a second paparazzo, “there are plenty of other Kardashian-Jenner to shoot in Los Angeles.” How do you find the reaction of the paparazzi?