The Pirouettes on tour, discover the pop phenomenon of the year

Entertainment 23 January, 2017

In full tour for the promotion of his album Carrement Carrement, the duo The Pirouettes is the pop phenomenon of the year! You are told more.
Like every Monday, the music editor of proposes to you to discover new talents, those who will mark the year thanks to their music. Today the spotlight on The Spins . “I know what they want / And I play the game / I fucking career before me” : this is what Leo and Vickie announced in “Play the game” , new single from their album Definitely Definitely . Available since September 16, the first studio album of The Spins is a gem and timeless pop that has carried us through a little soft autumn. And while Alma has just released his new single “Requiem” The Spins, they have already started a tour through France but not only! But by the way, The Pirouettes is what?
Before becoming Vickie Honey Bear Creek and Leo, Leo and Vickie were two teenagers as so many others. This was in 2011. Leo wrote a love song to Vickie. It cracks, they become a couple . It is already a musician, she is the Decorative Arts. The chemistry works, they embark on music together. And the sauce has more than taken! Back in 2017. Two EPs were released ( Spins and the importance of the other ), the album Definitely Definitely available on their label Kidderminster is a success and the public is the appointment. More to the appointment! After filling in some rooms Province, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany, the Spins are ready to explode . Like the young Nayra which just unveiled the video for “No” . And they’re not, their lives to Daily and Alkaline were excellent and their recent concert at the Maroquinerie was quickly sold out.
Moreover, it should be the same for the next period – to find their page on Facebook already LiKee by 13,000 users. And while it was said you are just what are the 10 best clips Nicki Minaj , there is much to say about those of The Spins. Achieved in part by Vickie and Kevin Elmarani-Lince, their videos are all nuggets both delirious and downright nostalgic cult . Like the video for “The Staircase” , a theater and choreography shifted a tad romantic that does not go unnoticed on social networks when it is online. Often compared to Paradise and NLP in terms of punchlines and fully paid shares in French, The Spins will not fail to make noise this year . From almost prescient way, the duo already provides in the song “Signs” : “Tonight again the Spins will ensure / A show demented screams and tubes shovel / The crowd in line knows by heart all the songs.” You are warned! And you, what do you think of The Pirouettes?