The Planet of the Apes 3: The director compares the film to a western

Cinema 3 May, 2017

If war broke out between humans and monkeys, the director of The Planet of the Apes 3 said it would look more like a western than a war movie.
The war between humans and monkeys is about to end, but not without a bloodshed before. Three years after the events of The Planet of the Apes 2: The Clash , Caesar is back. And while he was ready to make peace, a human warlord named Colonel (Woody Harreslon) and his army of soldiers decided otherwise. But Caesar is determined not to let go and the fight clearly promises to be brutal and bloody, as shown in the new trailer of The Planet of the Apes 3: Supremacy . However, according to the recent remarks of director Matt Reeves , This third part will focus on Caesar and its evolution and the atmosphere of the film will look more like a western than a war movie . “Something will make Caesar mad. He’s going to be looking for vengeance. The film thus passes from a great war film to a western in the vein of Josey Wales, ” explained the director.
In Jose Wales , the character of Clint Eastwood seeks revenge after seeing his wife and child killed by a man named Captain Terril. Could Caesar lose his wife and son in The Planet of the Apes 3: Supremacy? We absolutely saw no trace of them in the film trailers and this would explain for Caesar is so furious and so prone to eradicate humans. And if the Colonel is behind all this, one does not clearly give away his skin! In any case, that promises a very intense film and surely also very violent, far from the previous statements of the director who confided that The Planet of the Apes 3 would be a film more funny than the previous ones ! It is not clear how, for the moment, But we can not wait to be on August 2 to find out. And you what do you think ?