The Planet of the Apes – Supremacy: Intrigue, casting … 3 things to know about the movie!

Cinema 3 July, 2017

A month from the release of The Planet of the Apes – Supremacy, back on 3 things to know before rushing into the movie theaters! Intrigue, casting, characters, you’ll know everything!

In just one month, one of the most followed sagas will return to the cinema. On August 2, after nearly three years of waiting, The Planet of the Apes will return in force in the dark rooms of the whole world. Anxiously anticipated by the fans of the franchise, the blockbuster looks amazing and rather impressive, as we have shown the various trailers of The Planet of the Apes – Supremacy, unveiled in recent months. A few weeks from the release of the 9th episode of the franchise (the first date of 1968, and the restart of the saga took place in 2011 with The Planet of the Apes – The Origins), here are the 3 most important things to know about The movie before going to the cinema!

The plot
The first thing to know before going to see The Planet of the Apes – Supremacy is of course its intrigue! The events of this last episode are held two years after those of L’Affrontement. From now on, Ceasar is at the head of the Monkeys and almost became a legend in his camp. Somehow the beasts managed to survive until then and continue to fight against the human army that advocates their destruction. The outcome of this fierce confrontation will be decisive for the destiny of each species, but also for the future of the planet. According to the director, Matt Reeves, The Planet of the Apes – Supremacy should look more like a western than a war movie!

The casting
Second thing to know: the cast that will constitute this third episode of the saga. If we find in the Planet of the Apes – Supremacy a remarkable cast, only three actors of the blockbuster were already present in the two previous parts, namely Andy Serkis, Terry Notary and Karin Konoval. They will be joined by several newcomers such as Steve Zahn (Bad Ape), Judy Greer (Cornelia), Amiah Miller (Nova, who will play a very important role in this episode) and Woody Harrelson, who will camp the great villain Film, The Colonel. “He has to face the horrors of war, and the circumstances of the war are so extreme that they are pushing him to do extreme things,” Matt Reeves said of the character.

Monkeys, more present than ever
Finally, the last thing to know, and not least: monkeys will be more present than ever in the third installment of this new trilogy. According to the special effects officer of the future blockbuster, Ryan Stafford, there will be 15 monkeys whose names are known and who will have real roles in the plot, much more than in the two Previous films of the saga. All will now be given the floor, and will therefore be able to express themselves more easily. Some should even turn against Ceasar and fight alongside the men … How will all this end? Answer in a month!