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Entertainment 28 January, 2018


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A month after the grounding of the body of Johnny Hallyday, Saint-Barthélémy, a mysterious plate has made its appearance on the tomb of the singer. A week later, the subject controversy has already vanished.

With stunning views of the azure water of the Caribbean sea, the cemetery of Lorient, located on the island of Saint-Barthélémy, is a place of burial as there are very few around the world. The calm and voluptuousness of this plot of land have, however, been disturbed by the arrival of a strange object in the beginning of the week. On January 22, a plate of unknown origin has been placed at the grave of Johnny Hallyday. The onlookers could read: “Why art thou buried in St. Barts? We are confident that this was not your will, you loved her too well to your audience… we will never have the answer. Go Johnny, we think of you. Thank you for the twist and rock and roll “. A message controversy that has since disappeared. According to the magazine, Here, the plate in question has been removed from the cemetery. The teams Laeticia Hallyday responsible for the maintenance of the tomb could be the cause of the withdrawal.

According to several media outlets, a fan of the rocker would be at the origin of the message. Like him, they are indeed likely to believe that their idol should be based in France, near of its fans, rather than 7000 miles away, on island is not easily accessible. A surprise shared openly by Michelle Polnareff and Sylvie Vartan. The entourage of the singer and the mayor of the island, however, are adamant: Johnny wanted to be buried at Saint-Barth, in a quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and near the villa in which he has stored so many memories with her two younger daughters, Jade and Joy. This is why his wife, Laeticia, chose to be buried on the island on the 11th of December last in the presence of a small group of the faithful. Now, flowers, candles, stuffed animals and words have reclaimed first place on the grave of Johnny Hallyday.

Photo credits : Jacques Brinon/AP/SIPA

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