The Power Rangers: A gay character, a first in a superhero movie

The movie Power Rangers marks a major turning point in superhero films since for the first time, one of the superheroes belongs to the LGBT community.
Finally a little diversity! The movie about the Power Rangers will be released next month in the dark rooms and it already speaks about him. Yes, we will discover the first super-hero gay or rather the first super-heroines , a first in the films of the genre. So yes, the LGBT community has already been represented in superhero movies, but never in a lead role. Things are about to change with the movie the Power Rangers and more particularly with the character of Trini aka the Yellow Ranger. The director, Dean Israelite said that this element of the plot was important for the film and explains: “Trini really wonders who she is . ”
He continues : “She has not yet found her true identity and there is a really good scene in the film or it is evoked and it is said that it is normal. It is normal for all the young people to look for And to discover who they are, to find their place ” . The Power Rangers movie looks really cool and we are thrilled to see such changes in this universe. On April 5, you will be invited to discover the Power Rangers, a film that should please both old and new fans !

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