The Power Rangers: A romantic scene removed

Cinema 28 March, 2017

In the first version of the film, the Red Ranger and the Ranger Rose were to share a love scene. But Dean Israelite preferred to do without it and we explain why.
From the first trailers and TV spots, our five Power Rangers seem to have succeeded in building a team and a true friendship. But two of them almost had a lot more than a friendly relationship. Indeed, in the original version, Jason, the Red Ranger played by Dacre Montgomery and Kimberly, Ranger Rose played by Naomi Scott, shared a scene of romantic kiss. But after several screenings test, the director Dean Israelite decided to cut it at editing. For apparently no one liked this scene, arguing that the kiss of the Red Ranger and the Ranger Rose put the real context of the scene in the background, which showed Kimberly in a new light. “This romantic moment between her and Jason discredited her character and seemed a bit cliché. It was really cool that everyone went against it, and by the time we removed the scene, everyone could have enjoyed Kimberly a lot more and felt that it was much stronger, ” said Dean Israelite.
At the beginning of this scene, you can see Kimberly going to Jason to tell her she thinks she is the reason for the team’s inability to transform. She sees herself too much like a bad person because of the farce she had done to a classmate and who had sent her in custody at the same time as Jason and Billy. Jason comforts her by saying that it was not because she had a bad thing that she was a bad person, and that what she had done since was what mattered most. Touched, Kimberly would have kissed Jason. But we will not see it in the final version! Instead, Kimberly and Jason are called to find Billy, Zack and Trini, the latter having been attacked by Rita Repulsa! And it’s no worse, Because do we really need a love scene in a film like the Power Rangers? We already have a gay character and it’s very good like that! And you what do you think ?