The Power Rangers: Goldar’s surprising design revealed

Cinema 26 December, 2016

One of the most famous enemies of the Power Rangers, Goldar, will be present in the first film. Its rather surprising design was revealed in an advertisement.
Alongside Rita Repulsa, Goldar is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic enemies of the Power Rangers. With his face half-monster animal and his armor gilded, this villain marked many young audience. And its design was revealed not through an image or video from the movie Power Ranger, the Zords have unveiled a new poster , but … advertising! And not just any. Like many big licenses like Star Wars, the Power Rangers success relies heavily on merchandising . Every year on Christmas or birthdays, thousands of toys and other products derived from franchise characters are sold.
And the Power Rangers movie is no exception to the rule since first video for a toy Goldar was revealed , to get an idea of the character. The latter will therefore have a completely golden armor but abandon his face so special . The wicked will also have two sword-like weapons in their hands but also wings in the back. A very realistic approach of the character wanted by the studio behind this new adaptation. The Power Rangers, whose version of Alpha 5 is also very different from the original , try a priori to do something new while reusing the emblematic figures of the series. See you in 2017 to see the results! What do you think of this design?