The Power Rangers: Heroes and their Zords unveil new photos

Cinema 6 January, 2017

The release of Power Rangers is approaching and new photos show the heroes and their Zords!

On our screens soon will land the Power Rangers , film adaptation of the famous television series. Fans of the first hour will discover a new version of the show, with an atmosphere probably darker than its big brother. For the occasion, the writers have rewritten the origins of the heroes – here extraterrestrial origins through the discovery of a mysterious comet – and reinvented the design of the characters. Design as the Power Rangers, whose version of Alpha 5 will be very different from the original in the film , were again presented through several visual . Fans will also discover on these famous Zords heroes.
Obviously, the design of the heroes and the Zords will appeal to some and much less to others. The appearance of these robots tend greatly to an alien side as the costumes of the Rangers. A choice wanted to stick to the origins of this new film Power Rangers named in the category of our Virtual Ambassador melty Future Awards 2017 . The proof that the new adventures of the heroes are much awaited by the spectators. Action scenes with giant robots against a multitude of enemies, Power Rangers promises to take the ingredients that made the success of the series . The film will be released on March 24th … go in the dark rooms! What do you think of these pictures?