The Power Rangers: The French trailer unveiled

Cinema 2 February, 2017

The French trailer of the Power Rangers has arrived to us and we reveal it to you exclusively!
This is THE moment to shine! The Power Rangers are offered a new youth and pass the small to the big screen by landing in cinemas on April 5, 2017. While the international trailer of Power Rangers was unveiled just a few weeks, today we share the trailer French exclusive on melty. While they are not super popular in their school, 5 young people will find themselves propelled to the hero of rank when they will turn into Power Rangers . A transition that is not going to be smooth and one understands why: when one passes from a normal person to a being with powers everything can become either very complicated or very simple.
You know, with great powers come great responsibilities and the 5 Power Rangers will have to join forces to protect their city and more generally the planet Earth. OKLM. They will thus have to face Rita Ora, played by Elizabeth Banks, and will happily rely on the wisdom of Zordon, a “talking wall”, played by Bryan Cranston . We’ll meet you in theaters on April 5!