The Power Rangers: The Patrollers Unveil

Cinema 3 January, 2017

A few months before the release of the movie Power Rangers, the Patrouilleurs unveil!

A nice look! On April 5th, the franchise Power Rangers debut on the big screen and will present a new design for Goldar for Zords and even for their Alpha 5 robot, new costumes for our hero, and a reinvented version of the ugly Rita Repulsa (which will be played by Elizabeth Banks ). Although some elements of this reboot have been revealed to us, we still have many things to discover. Nevertheless, the promotion around the film continues to offer us beautiful teasings and this is especially the case with the toys we are discovering little by little. Today, it is through this process that we get a first glimpse of the appearance of Patrollers. These are the foot soldiers (unconscious) created by the servant of Rita, Finster, through its making machine monsters , from a substance like clay or putty. On the basis of these toys, it seems that this spirit will be respected, but due to the metal rods and the grating present in the Patroller’s body, we can deduce that they are formed from the earth and / or the Foundation of a building.
A few months ago, shooting shots had leaked, showing stuntmen in a green suit fighting the Power Rangers. Then, the rumor was that it was Patrouilleurs, who would then be created by special effects. These toys also give weight to the words wishing the Patrol would be closer to a massive monster like Doomsday Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice , as those we find in the series Power Rangers Mighty Morphin . We can now assume that Rita will have a very different way of controlling his minions, perhaps through superpowers. Now that the patrollers were announced, the next big revelation should be that of the Power Ranger mentor Zordon (who will be played by Bryan Cranston). It remains to be seen whether we will discover it first as a toy, via an official photo or in a new trailer. Lately, the Zords were unveiled a new poster from the movie Power Ranger! What do you think about the appearance of the Patrollers?