The Power Rangers: The post-generic scene teased by the director!

Cinema 14 March, 2017

Yes, the Power Rangers will be entitled to a post-generic scene! The director has teased the content, evoking the arrival of a character emblematic of the series.
Any kid who grew up in the 1990s by following the adventures of the Power Rangers has inevitably dreamed one day of donning the costume of one of these super heroes with extraordinary powers. Even though the flashy outfits in question were not frankly seated. So basically, the film The Power Rangers has something to blow a wind of nostalgia among fans of the original series! Especially as we find the characters, like Jason or Kimberly, whose passionate adventures were followed at the time. But to fully appreciate this tribute to the TV series, it will sit until the end of the two hours that lasts the film The Power Rangers . Because yes, the meltynauts, as it has become a bit the tradition for all big blockusters of this kind, it can claim to be entitled to … a post-credits scene . And according to the information circulating on the net, this one refers to one of the most emblematic characters of the show, of which Dean Israelite, the director of the film, has teased the apparition. Warning, spoilers!
The scene in question takes place, necessarily, in the high school in the small town of Angel Grove, where is the action of the series and the film The Power Rangers , and specifically in his high school. We see a teacher giving a deduction at one of his students, the latter being none other than … Tommy Oliver, played at the time by Jason David Frank . On the scene, the film’s director told the website CinemaBlend: ” Obviously, in the end, we teasons something that has to do with Tommy, there’s something very organic in there .”. So if you did not follow the adventures of the Power Rangers, that name certainly does not tell you much. Tommy Oliver, who is also known as the Green Ranger, Is actually probably one of the most iconic characters in the series. If it has long been under the control of Rita Repulsa, representing a rival of our hero, he then joined the good guys and even donned the costume of 5 different Rangers! What makes him the favorite Power Ranger fans . It remains to be seen now what the introduction of the name of Tommy Oliver in the film means. Should we expect the Green Ranger to be the next hero of a future sequel? Or is it just a nod to the fans? Who knows … Anyway, if it lands in the franchise, then Jason, the Red Ranger and leader of the Power Rangers may have the need to worry!