The Power Rangers: What will this first film bring about the series?

Cinema 11 January, 2017

The Power Rangers movie will offer a rather different approach to the series. What will the latter bring to the franchise?

Before being a movie, the Power Rangers was a television series born in 1993. A series that still exists today and is passionate about thousands of children around the world. The best known remains the first generation that laid the foundations of this universe soon reinvented in the cinema. But while Dean Israelite hopes to develop on several episodes movie Power Rangers, whose heroes and their Zords were unveiled on new pictures , What will the first component to the original series? For artistic changes will be many and the chance that the film adaptation is for larger are strong.
The first trailer gave the tone: The Power Rangers will be darker. Here farewell omnipresent humor of the first generation with its grotesque characters as Bulk and Skull . The justiciers will face the disappointments of high school life, its problems, its romances and its initiatory journey. The opportunity for heroes to forge strong links and learn to move forward together. No doubt the Rangers will often need to juggle the challenges of their new powers they do not will master completely and personal lives. Without forgetting that the justiciers will confront Rita Repulsa and Goldar, two terrible villains already present in the original series …
And while Goldar, whose surprising design was revealed , and Rita Repulsa be enemies all that is most formidable, the original versions were for their rather comical. This confirms that yes, the film will take a completely serious turn (even if two or three jokes could be placed). The designs of these last ones have been completely revised, like that of Alpha 5 (which has greatly divided the fans) or the costumes of the Rangers. These suits will have new origins, without doubt aliens , from a comet discovered by students during a night out. A scenario that is reminiscent of the movie Chronicle …
You’ll understand The Power Rangers will make new use of old. By taking the foundations of the television series to make it a new product, Dean Israelite will try to conquer the hearts of the fans of the first hour while pleasant to the new ones. Rest assured: you will not have to wait for next March 24 to see this first film adaptation and discover if it deserves a franchise.