The Pretty Little Liars: The Biggest Misfires of the Season

Cinema 29 June, 2017

The series is like everything, sometimes it crashes and it gives episodes rather very bof …
The 2017 World Cup continues and you still have a few days left to vote for your favorite series during the 8th round here or on Facebook. Until we know which series will go to the next stage, we suggest you come back to those that did not really shine this season. In series as in life, sometimes there are some couacs not very appreciable. .. Obviously it does not detract from the quality of a series in its entirety since everyone can go wrong. Let us say that we would have just gone from certain episodes or intrigues.
The Walking Dead – An entry a little too gore
Not really missed, the season premiere of season 7 of The Walking Dead has created a bad buzz that still sticks to the skin of the series . Many fans have accused him of being too violent, especially regarding the death of Glenn. So, yes, it sticks perfectly to comics … But was it really essential? Not sure…
Arrow – Too many characters kill the characters
In progress since a final season of season 4 disappointing, Arrow still offered some episodes below what it would have been hoped. The overall fault of this season lies mainly in a number of characters too important to have the time to really deepen them . Episode 2 of season 5 illustrates this problem well, trying to focus on too many Team Arrow members without really doing justice to any of them …
Once Upon a Time – It’s back for a round
We are not going to lie, the writers of Once Upon a Time do not always know where to go and this lack of imagination has been cruelly felt in the last episode of season 6. Yes, a time jump with Henry Who no longer recognizes his daughter, it has some airs of already seen and it is hoped that season 7 will not be a simple reboot of the series – difficult to do anyway with a large part of the missing cast .
Pretty Little Liars – A Disappointing Goodbye
Yes, Pretty Little Liars is over and while we are wondering if a sequel is possible , we also have the opportunity to reflect a bit on this whole season. Overall slow and despite good times, it can not be said that the last season of the series was a success. Too slow, too much drawn by the hair – as usual – and especially too disappointing on the end , it is a bitter taste that Pretty Little Liars will leave to the fans, especially after a revelation of the identity of predictably AD And expeditious.
Gray’s Anatomy – Where is the consistency?
After a successful season despite the absence of Derek Shepherd, it was a lackluster 13 season that we saw on ABC. Between the couple Japril who is lying together and no longer heard , Jo disappears half of the series and doctors who behave as capricious teens to stick to the plot of Minnick … Many episodes Are revealed quite frustrating despite a final top season and we hope to see better in the next season! And you, what do you think are the failures of this season?