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Entertainment 22 December, 2017

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According to Us Weekly, the duke and duchess of Cambridge are very close to their children. According to a source close to the royal family, princess Charlotte does not leave its mother of a durable and spends his time imitating him.

Prince William and Kate Middleton formed a family very closely knit with their two children, prince George and the princess Charlotte. In the month of July already, the princely couple took their two tots across Europe for their various diplomatic meetings. According to the website Us Weekly, the princess Charlotte never lets go of his mother, except when it must meet its obligations as a royal. “It is definitely the shadow of his mother,” says a source close to the royal family. If Kate is going somewhere, Charlotte is going to also. This is adorable. As she is more at home than George, Charlotte spends her time in the kitchen to “help” in the kitchen. No matter what prepares the master of the house, or Kate, Charlotte uses her own toys and utensils to imitate “.

The 4 January next year, the young highness is going to make his return to the garden of children in the establishment of Willcocks in London. A new step towards the larger world. The little princess is going to have to get used to no longer see his mother, pregnant with her third child, any day. In the meantime, the royal family actively preparing for the festivals of end of the year. The duke and duchess of Cambridge have also revealed their heartwarming Christmas card. Just betrothed with prince Harry, Meghan Markle will spend her first Christmas at the side of the queen.

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