The private jokes that you do not understand if you mate a episode of series to the pif!

Cinema 4 July, 2017

What’s harder than getting a good valve and making everyone laugh? Exit the same, again and again, while remaining funny!

A really great valve will be funny the second and third time, but what really makes a gag last is how it will play with its audience – as if it was an accomplice of a secret. Reminding a comment or comic situation connects the viewer to the characters. When a series manages to appropriate a valve and repeat it several times throughout the show, always making us laugh, it’s genius! And these series have taken up the challenge!
How I Met Your Mother

We all agree that How I Met Your Mother made us laugh every 3 minutes. Always the right punchline, at the right time. How to forget the countless jokes, become mythical for the fans? Like the 7 slaps Marshall has to give Barney! An event that takes place from Season 2 to Season 9 and that we were all waiting impatiently!
Buffy Against the Vampires

Buffy the Vampire fans will know what they’re talking about! Anya Jenkins had the rabbits’ phobia: A fear turned to ridicule by dint of repetition in several episodes of the series. Anya disguises herself in a rabbit or sings a song on the rabbits, and we laugh again!

“Bitch” – “Jerk”. The Supernatural brothers have their little games. They also like to call themselves the biggest rock and TV stars when they pretend to be FBI agents.

Very few people have noticed this small piece of audio. At each accident in SpongeBob, we can hear a character in the background exclaim “My Leg / My Leg”. Fan or not, this compilation will make you laugh!
New Girl

We often make fun of this character in New Girl … This is Schmidt of course! His roommates are so ashamed of him that they have established a rule: every time Schmidt says or will make a bullshit, he will have to put money in a jar (the famous jar showerbag). And given the number of times this has happened, we would love to touch the jackpot!
South Park

What gag is more recurrent than that of Kenny in South Park? This poor little guy dies at the end of each episode in a dozen seasons followed by the famous: “Oh my god, they killed Kenny” – “Kind of bastard!” Pronounced by his friends.
Game Of Thrones

This is a joke that could be fun at first but ended in a very tragic way. When Ygritte meets Jon Snow, she releases him the famous phrase “You know nothing Jon Snow / You do not know anything Jon Snow”. A punchline she takes pleasure in repeating to him many times, until her death …

“We were on break”. Who can forget this phrase referring to Ross’s deceit? It sums up perfectly the love story and the many ruptures that Rachel and Ross have experienced. A punchline that the two lovers launch from season 3 to season 10!
The Big Bang Theory

The famous “Penny, Penny, Penny”, pronounced by Sheldon by knocking on the door was one of the main puzzles and jokes of the series! This is all the more comical when one knows the reason!

Dr. Perry Cox loves to humiliate his colleagues: especially Dr. John Dorian whom he enjoys nicknamed by all possible female names, every blow!