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Entertainment 22 January, 2018


Guest BFMTV, photographer and filmmaker Jean-Marie Périer is income on the disappearance of his friend Johnny Hallyday, denouncing those who were to pass for a fool.

His anger was palpable. When asked about the recent disappearances of Johnny Hallyday and France Gall, Jean-Marie Périer has blasted all those who took the singer for a fool. He who has often photographed the two stars has never borne a part, journalists do not give a false image of the Taulier. He was keen to tell his truth on the rocker that he loved.

“Compared to Johnny, a type for which I have great tenderness ever since, I didn’t want to have to say this week here is what I think,” said Jean-Marie Périer on BFMTV about the days that followed the disappearance of the star. “I want a lot to the people who put Johnny Hallyday for a fool for the past 40 years. While the world has fallen on since 1955, in telling of the horrors on this kid ” was let go this close to Johnny Hallyday but also of Jacques Dutronc, Sylvie Vartan, Eddy Mitchell or Françoise Hardy.

“It was just a guy who wanted to dance and sing. It wasn’t until 1998 that Daniel Rondaud to make a double page in The World for people to change their opinion, ” explained the photographer.” It has never been a fool. It was a smart type who had a lot of humor, which is doing everything alone. I hate the idea that he had been treated like that. He suffered ” assured the one who has the most beautiful shots of the period yéyé.

Jean-Marie Périer wants “a lot of people have done pass to Johnny for a fool”

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