The rant of Calogero against the télécrochets: “The candidates are joining simply to get on television” – Gala

Entertainment 18 August, 2017


Calogero told the Parisian emissions télécrochet, such as The Voice or New Star, in which young artists are trying to get out of the shadow. For the singer, these programs have through obvious.

He could not hold back his tears during the tribute to the victims of the attacks of Nice. Calogero often evokes certain problems of the society in his songs. For some time, his name is part of the potential artists selected to be part of the jury of the show The Voice in 2017. However, the singer has apparently no desire to participate in programs like this, as he revealed in Paris , in speaking of a New Star. “I’m not sure that I would have done. If I manage to write songs that work, it is because I am totally free, I have no account to render to such-and-such tv channel “, he explains.

His opinion on what is done with the candidates in these emissions is well stopped. “The cynicism of the producers who want the beautiful brown or blonde hair, muscular rather than find a true artist. And then there are the candidates… Many are joining simply to get access to the reputation or to get on television “, he says to the newspaper. The artist had already criticised The Voice Kids, found abnormal, and dangerous to grant too quickly a reputation to young people. However, during the selections and live, the songs from Calogero have the odds. As in the final of The Voice 2016, where the winner, Lisandro Cuxi, interpreted If only I could miss him to convey a message to his father.


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