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Entertainment 19 January, 2018


Accompanied by his children and his brother Albert II of monaco, Stephanie of Monaco, was inaugurated Thursday, January 18, in the evening, the 42nd international circus festival of Monaco. In an interview with Nice-Matin, His Highness took the opportunity to push a rant and say that she would fight for ” the circus continues with animals “.

Thursday, January 18, Stéphanie of Monaco inaugurated the family to the 42nd Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo. For the occasion, she was accompanied by two of his children, Louis and Pauline Ducruet. With his daughter, they appear especially chic and accomplices in front of the photographers. The prince Albert II, the brother of Stephanie of Monaco, had also made the trip to participate in the event. Family, Stephanie of Monaco unveiled a commemorative plaque in honour of Philip Astley, squire, English is considered the ” father of the modern circus “. She then took a seat to watch the performance, and even fun to feed a giraffe’s outstretched neck. The latter has devoured the banana held by the princess with delight.

Passionate about the circus and animals, Stéphanie of Monaco has taken advantage of the opportunity to spend a little rant in the columns of Nice-Matin. His Highnesswas opposed by those who argue for a withdrawal of numbers with animals. ” In Monaco, the animals are considered as artists in their own right and are part of the great family of the circus (…) The people who criticize don’t come to see how living artists with their animals. It is a life dedicated to animals, it is 24 hours on 24, without holidays! They would give their lives for their animals. The petitions, they can do as much as they want, I will fight until the end for the circus remains with the animals. This is part of our cultural heritage, for the past 250 years “. The circus professionals can rely on the unwavering determination of Stéphanie of Monaco, to support them in their fight.

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