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Entertainment 25 January, 2018


Jean Dujardin, as a couple, with Nathalie Péchalat, the mother of his daughter Jeanne, was entrusted with Psychologies magazine about this “couple copy” formed by his parents, a union solid, which comforted when he was a child.

We know Jean Dujardin a lot less talkative when it comes to evoke the couple. The actor of 45 years, who has been married two times before finally uniting with Nathalie Péchalat in 2014, remains very discreet about his stories of love. In the columns of the number of February 2018 of Psychologies magazine, the interpreter of captain Neuville, in The return of the hero (in cinema 14 next February) book yet as never. He speaks in particular about his parents, who remain for him ” a couple copy, always welded after 50 years of marriage. “

“My father has a few elks macho enough standard for his generation. And I always saw my mother look at them with tenderness and fun. I believe that this gaze of my mother on my father encouraged me, as a child, on the ability of people to love without being fooled, and generously “, to admire the actor.

In addition, Jean Dujardin, definitely in the mood to drag confidences, does not want ” the time is educating his children Jules, Simon, and particularly his latest, Jeanne, born in 2015. “I want it to be she who, equipped with a strong free will, can say ‘but Hey, that’s disgusting what is happening there ! It does not behave like that !’ For the moment she did that 2 years ago, I endeavour therefore, with his mother, told him to build a strong wall of confidence, give it a framework, continues the actor, who poses as as well well in turn, to the sides of his companion, as a “couple’s best” for their daughter. I don’t have to stress to see my daughter grow up in the world today. I know that she will know how to react, that it will be strong, as his mother was very early”, book-t-it.

The little Jeanne, consecration of the couple formed by Jean Dujardin and Nathalie Péchalat, has fulfilled its parents ‘ happiness at his arrival, and has disrupted their daily lives. The figure skater has filed a retraining order to have more time to devote to her daughter. “I will not accept one-off assignments. At the same time, I do not brood.I don’t want to make a child ultra-protected. (…)I aspire to a balance between my personal life and my professional life. A new life with values more simple, ‘ said she in Paris match in 2016.


Jean DujardinAnd Nathalie Péchalat

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