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Entertainment 10 January, 2018


Christophe Castaner is a tribute to his wife Helen, who has supported for many years.

In a large interview with the magazine Gala this week, Christophe Castaner returns to the couple that he formed with Helen since they met at college. Extracts.

Gala : How is your wife and your two daughters, do they live in your ascent ?
C. C. : They discuss, of course, everything that I do. My girls have never marked of pride whatsoever, except maybe the first time where I did the morning of France Inter, which is sacred in Castaner. My eldest daughter lives with me since the start because she is in class prépa in Paris. She remained very quiet and did not want to say to his new comrades who her father was. The youngest, who was fifteen years old, remained at Forcalquier with my wife. This last, Helen, has always lived, my political posts with a lot of distance.

Gala : You know since high school…
C. C. In effect, we have constructed together. We entered at the same time in the active life. We saw our first ballet, Swan lake, to Paris together. We had 22 years ago. I chose his town, Forcalquier,as home port to local. When I look at a showcase, I know what item will look. In an exhibition we are challenged by the same works.

Gala : it is she who has you back on track when you have experienced a period of wandering in fleeing from your abusive father and the family home at the age of 18 years ?
C. C. : I am away from home at 16/17. I lived small business, I have been a server, bar, nightclub, mason, I also made easy money thanks to the game. Helena has never endorsed it. Without being in the penalty, she just gave me reminded of who I was. She had her bac with distinction, I am told that I had to go back to school. I passed my baccalaureate in candidate free. I didn’t want a gap between us. I didn’t want to lose it.


Find the entire interview in Gala in Kiosks today.

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Christophe Castaner

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