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Entertainment 9 January, 2018


France Gall and Michel Berger, had purchased a home in the vicinity of Honfleur : a haven of peace and inspiration that would have raised the tube Resists.

Their home was a refuge. In the 70’s, France Gall and Michel Berger had acquired a residence at Vasouy, near the town of Honfleur. The house of the Clos Saint-Nicolas quickly became a place of peace, indispensable to the rest of the two artists. Married on June 22, 1976, they took refuge willingly in their home in the pays d’auge, which would have even seen the birth of a classic French song.

According to the legend, this is the place that Michel Berger and France Gall, composing Resists, one of the iconic songs of the duo. In April 1993, the singer gave all the good she thought of this ” wonderful place to rest “ in the broadcast Frequency Star. According to Gérard Lust, the former mayor of the municipality questioned by Ouest-France, France Gall had a ” blow of heart for this place.” After the death of his daughter Pauline in 1997, the artist had opted for another haven of peace in Senegal.

“It was a small house, but it has been enlarged. The brother of Michel Berger was an architect, it is he who had made the plans,” explained the former elected. “She did not like to see. Once, I accompanied her to the city. She wanted to go pick flowers. She had put on big glasses and a hat so that it does not recognize. Is recognized when the same ” said Mr Lust. France Gall and Michel Berger lived beautiful time in this house in which the throne always the piano of the musician.


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