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Entertainment 12 December, 2017


In 2011, Johnny Hallyday was entrusted to our colleagues in Inrocks. The singer spoke of his desire to live for several more years, in order to take full advantage of his two little daughters, Jade and Joy.

Johnny Hallyday died on the 6th of December last at the age of 74 years. After months of fighting against cancer, he passed away, with his family, in his home in Marnes-la-coquette, located in the Yvelines department. In 2011, the rocker had given an interview aired in the Inrocks and re-released today in the magazine Grazia in tribute to the rocker. Johnny Hallyday was entrusted on his long coma in 2009. The rocker, who had already been close to death several times, did not want to leave his family too soon. “I hope I can live as late as possible. I saw a wonderful man in a gym in L. A. A guy’s beefy, wrinkled face, but damn good. I tell him ‘You’re in form, you have what age ?’. ’83’ well, I’d like to get to it, 85 years, for my two little girls, ” declared the idol of young people.

Live long and enjoy fully the youth of Jade and Joy, that he had not been able to make with her first two children, David and Laura. “The two children I have had, and that I love, when I am separated from the mothers, they grew up in another house, not mine. Then, I saw, of course, but this is not the same. There small, they grow up in my house, I see them every day. What are the joys that I have not known before “, was entrusted to the star.

As a good father-attentive, Johnny Hallyday loved spending time with his two little girls Jade and Joy, respectively aged 13 and 9 years old. The rocker released pictures of his daughters worshipped on the social networks. Happy memories, forever etched in the hearts of the two girls.

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Johnny Hallyday, Jade Hallyday

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