The retro minute: Tragedy, from the hot vibes to the ghetto, what have become of them?

Entertainment 20 January, 2017

Hot baby vibes! Forgotten as fast as they arrived, Tizy Bone and Silky Shai aka Tragedy have left thousands of orphaned fans behind them. What have they become ?
Do you hear me hey oh, do you feel the moment of nostalgia hey oh? This Friday exceptionally – instead of the usual Thursday – you are offered to plunge back into the best (and worst) of the 90s / 00s. Who has never danced on “These evenings” in a boom or hum “On a Latino air” in early summer? It’s retro time! After Sinik who went from rap to tattoos , focus on a duet that should be familiar to you. Back in September 2003, the French R & B was running out of steam and really needed to find new heirs. With the classic “Hey oh” that sold more than 500,000 copies, the Tragédie duo answered all our prayers! With their vibes to make Mariah Carey turn pale and with their look of bad boys of Neuilly, Tizy Bone and Silky Shai have experienced a success as unexpected as dazzling. Before they burn their wings, the two companions will still have released a few hits – “Hey oh” , “Sexy for me” , “I remain ghetto” or “Gentleman” – that still squat all the playlists of the evenings that end well Later than they should.
What have they become ? After the release of the albums Tragédie and (soberly titled) A flower 2 skin , the two singers originally from Nantes suddenly disappeared from the circulation, leaving behind a whole generation dejected by their separation … But hope makes live, Especially when we are fans of Tragedy! In a certain indifference and in total surprise, the star duo made his big comeback ten years later (alongside a new member: Az) under the name Tragédie 3.0. Being rarer than their debut on the TV trays, the trio has released for its fans the new singles “Yes or No” and more recently “Hello” which still contain the same ingredients that made their success in the past. At a time when Jul, Nekfeu and M Pokora dominate the charts in France , can Tragedy afford a resurrection? The third album of the group is still awaited, meanwhile we will always have the timeless “Hey oh” . Which artists of the 90s / 00s would you like to see again?