The revenues of the health Insurance to find 2 billion euros

Health 30 June, 2017


Published the 30.06.2017 at 15: 16


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In 2018, it will be necessary to tighten the belt. In its latest report unveiled on Thursday, June 29, the Court of Auditors has warned that health spending would swell to 900 million euros next year. The sages of the rue Cambon cite in particular the new convention medical or enhancement of the value of careers in the public service hospital to explain this increase.

Then to stay in the nails, the authors of the report calculate that 4 billion economy will have to be made. The minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn, will present in September the different measures to achieve this goal during the discussion in Parliament on the law on financing social Security (PLFSS) for 2018.

The proposals that has just come up with the national health Insurance Fund (Cnam) will feed the debate. In its interim report ” income and Expenses “, its director, Nicolas Revel, plans to 1.94 billion euros in savings, or $ 300 million more than last year.

Ambulatory care

Without surprise, the biggest lever is the shift to ambulatory care. Encouraging health facilities to perform acts without hospitalization, social security hopes to save € 470 million in 2018. The Cnam aims to support the return to home as soon as hospitalization is no longer required of patients with heart failure, or women who have recently given birth within the framework of the program Prado.

Still in the health facility, the experimentation of a new package for hip replacement is contemplated, reveals the Parisien. The patients benefiting from this operation are often rehospitalized for complications or fractures, which weighs heavily on the accounts of social security.
Taking the example of Sweden, she wants better pay for the surgical procedures or physical therapy “to encourage better practices and avoid re-hospitalization of the patients,” explains the daily. If return to the hospital there, the professionals would not be paid by health Insurance.