The Rimouski Islamic Center vandalized

Health 1 March, 2017

Officials at the Islamic Center in Rimouski claim that the building of the mosque was vandalized in the night from Sunday to Monday. The crime was filmed by surveillance camera.

In the video posted on social media by Center officials, three individuals were seen throwing eggs at the door and walls of the mosque.

The mosque officials lodged a complaint with the police.

We get along really well with everyone here, we’ve never seen anything like that, like racism or something like that, not correct, it’s really the first time we’ve started to see it .
Omar El Karamech, member of the Islamic Center
The mosque has existed since 2010, and no such gesture had been observed, according to its officials.

Omar El Karamech says the gates of the mosque are still open. The leaders of the Islamic Center also want to organize an event to make their community better known.

They would also like to become owners of a building in order to redevelop the mosque more permanently in Rimouski.